Saturday, March 19, 2011

Dinner with my friends

Last night I went out for dinner on the Upper East Side. I hesitated to go to this dinner. Actually, I thought of canceling a few hours beforehand. You see, these three women all had micropreemies in the NICU. Their children survived and my boy did not. I was very nervous about how I would feel during dinner.

I decided to go. Deep inside, I knew I would have a great time. I was right. We met at a hip and yummy Middle Eastern Restaurant. We definitely spoke about the NICU experience. We even joked about some of the doctors. But we also shared painful moments. The pain of seeing your tiny baby in an incubator cannot truly be understood unless it is experienced.

These three women went home with the prize. I did not. But I still feel a deep connection to them. I truly am glad I did not stay home.