Saturday, January 18, 2020

A much higher standard

So, it’s January 2020 and I’m reading many articles about Meghan Markle and Harry Windsor. It is apparent that she was vilified by the British Press for things Kate Middleton was praised for. Many are calling it racism. As a black woman with many ambitions in life, I do worry that I will be called to a higher standard than my white counterparts. It concerns me now, as a woman in my 40s aiming to continue to forge forward in my career. Can I still be myself, have my own unique sense of style, and my offbeat sense of humor? I hope so...I literally cannot be anything else!
I was so moved a couple of years ago by the royal wedding between a biracial American woman and an English prince. Nevertheless, the crown could not protect her from the prejudice that exists in this world. But, all we can do is keep moving forward, just like she has to! One day, all our efforts will pay off!