Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sarah's Key

I read this book in November while on vacation in Jamaica. It was the saddest book I have ever read. It would seem strange that I would read a tragedy two weeks after Miles' death.  Somehow, I think I wanted company in my misery. I wanted to feel someone else's life was going worse than mine!

Sarah's Key, by Tatiana de Rosnay, is a book about a little boy and girl during the holocaust. It also highlights France's awful involvement in the holocaust, which the country still does not address.

The movie was just released. It is a sad but beautiful story.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Fedex Delivery

We received Miles' urn today. He was born on October 2nd and died on November 2nd. In one month, we fell in love with him. I was actually infactuated long before that.

When he died, we had three choices: to bury him in a potters field, to bury him in a cemetery, or to cremate him. We cremated him with a stuffed animal and some letters from us, including one from his big sister.

Picking his urn was a huge deal to me. There are so many types of urns out there. Choosing one is a huge task. I think I found just the right one. A company that commissions artists made it. It took a few months to receive, but we got it today. It is beautiful and delicate. Now we have to find a safe location to place it in our home.