Monday, April 18, 2011

Cost of Survival

I just read an article about a mother in Australia who had a premature baby at 23 weeks. He is now three years old. According to his mother, "he can’t walk or talk...he has chronic lung disease, cerebral palsy and global developmental delay. He has diabetes insipidus and his thermostat is a bit wonky, so he gets hot and cold.” She feels so much regret that she let her child live.

I always heard that amazing advancements have been made in medicine allowing the tiniest preemie to survive. But the cost of their survival is extremely high. The quality of life that results from not being in the womb for at least 32 weeks is awful. There are lucky micropreemies that survive with no issues. Doctors do everything they can in hopes that another child can be that lucky one.

I was not given a choice in Miles' survival. He had strong lungs and fought everyday but had many issues due to prematurity. People would tell me miraculous stories about little preemies who survived with the most normal lives. That unfortunately is not the norm. People keep the sad stories to themselves.

I was very concerned about the quality of life Miles would have. We fought beside him and had hope for his future. We wanted him to be the miracle story.

I feel bad for mothers who regret the survival of their children. I  feel bad for those who have to experience the loss of their children as well. Either way, it is an awful experience.

This is the article from The Telegraph in Australia.

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