Thursday, June 11, 2020

What race is your child?

Two New Orleans slave children, c. 1863.

I was having a conversation with a white coworker who is married to a black man and I asked her what race she called her children. She stated that she called her children black. I told her that I called my children mixed. She stated that it was important for her children to understand that they were black. I explained to her that calling her child black was a remnant of the one drop rule from slavery. I probably should not have said that. Parents have the right to call their children a race that makes sense in their family. 

Nevertheless, the one drop rule was basically a rule codified into law that stated if one ancestor of yours was black, you are therefore black. This ensured a clear caste system in America. 

My children are of mixed heritage. I am black, my husband is white. I refuse to classify my children based on antiquated racist classifications.  They are literally so mixed, my granfather was Scottish, my gradmother was Trinidadian, my mother was Nigerian, my husband is of Irish descent. That sounds mixed to me.  

What race do you call your children?

One drop rule:

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