Monday, January 10, 2011

My mother in law

I have a wonderful mother in law. We are very different. I am black, she is white. I grew up in Africa, she grew up in Alabama. She is petite, I am tall. My mother died when I was ten. But my mother in law has always taken care of me as if I were hers.  
When I was on hospital bed rest, she came to New York and hired a cleaner to help with chores.  A few days ago, I underwent surgery and my mother in law was there to take care of Miya.

If you have a great mother in law...let her know.  The alternative is awful!


  1. Yes, you do have a wonderful Mother-in-law & I am blessed with one as well! Thanks for reminding us to tell them that.

  2. My mother in-law is great also. She is a great artist and a wonderful cook. I have learn so much from her and I feel blessed that the relationship with your mother-in-law is so simple here, not like that in China. Lol. --Ms. Jin


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