Saturday, January 8, 2011

Waking up from anesthesia

I have been given general anesthesia twice. The first time was in October, when Miles was born. The labor was too rapid...blah blah blah and I was put to sleep. Yesterday, I was fitted with a bionic cervix to ensure that I would carry my next child to term. During that procedure, I was given general anesthesia as well. Unfortunately, after both surgeries, I woke up from the anesthesia fighting, throwing my arms and legs about, trying to rip the breathing tubes from my nose.

 I am like a horse. According to the Hebrew University's Koret School of Veterinary Medicine, horses try to stand and gallop away immediately upon waking up from surgery. Imagine controlling a 1000 lb patient! Very dangerous endeavor!

I don't remember either situation. But after Miles was born and I woke up from anesthesia, Matt and the nurse had to physically hold me down. Yesterday, when I woke up from my surgery, four doctors had to hold me down when I woke up from anesthesia. Each time, I woke up fighting. Somehow, anesthesia brings out my true feelings.

Next time I go into surgery, I think I will warn the surgical team!

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