Monday, January 3, 2011

I love this city

So the trash is finally being cleaned up. For some reason, trash was not picked up in many parts of NYC due to the blizzard. If you look outside my window, you will see bags of trash that line the street. I thought it would bother me. It doesn't though! I really love this city...even though sometimes it does not love me back. No elevators in subways stations. Large rats in the tracks. Small one bedroom apartments (in decent parts of town) costing $500,000 and above. You have to fight to get your child into a good school.

I still love this city though...just like Tina loved Ike and Whitney loved Bobby.


  1. It sounds like "je t' non plus"!

  2. I agree with you, Maria. Luckily here in white plains I didn't see any garbage. I guess that's why we are paying a sky-high maintenance fee for our co-op. Well, New York absolutely has its irresistable charm to people from all over the world and to its own residents. I love New York! I love your blog, too, by the way! Keep writing! -Jessica


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