Thursday, February 24, 2011

My jaded baby!

So, sweet little Mimi is on Winter break. I normally love foreign art house movies which are usually ridiculously sad. But, I have totally loved watching Disney-style movies with Miya.

Tonight, we watched Fish Tales with the ever cute Billy Zane. He plays an Oxford professor who is widowed with a teenage daughter. While doing research on an island in Greece, they encounter a beautiful siren. He falls in love with this mermaid. Yadi yadi yada, she loses her tail, becomes a human, and she and Billy Zane become the best looking couple ever.

In the final scene the couple looks into each other's eyes as the credits roll. My sweet Miya mutters, "But they are soon going to be mad at each other...everyone fights!"

Oh golly! My jaded baby! What have we done?!

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  1. Ahh, miya. She is so brilliant! What are you all doing today (friday last day of winter break?)? Annie


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