Saturday, December 18, 2010

Breaking Up

One of my favorite shows is "In Treatment" on HBO. It is about a therapist and his therapy appointments with his patients. It is very slow, all dialogue but amazingly great. Dr. Weston (played by Gabriel Bryne), the therapist, cares deeply for his patients and makes it his goal to make breakthroughs in their treatment. He even makes tea every session for Sunil, an Indian patient, because it makes him feel like Dr. Weston is a friend and not his therapist.

Back to me, I see a therapist. I will call him Dr. Michaelson. I realize though that not all therapists are created equally. He is very old and falls asleep during sessions. Of all the therapists in New York City, I get the one that falls asleep. Woody Allen said that his therapist calls him in the middle of the night crying. I guess I should not be complaining. 

Now, I wonder if I should break up with my sleepy doctor. I have tried having earlier appointments but I think this doctor is old and tired. Do I send a "Dear John" letter? I have to think about this one.

So I need Dr. Weston, who would make tea for me. It would not hurt either if he looked like Gabriel Bryne.

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  1. I do think you need to dump your sleepy therapist (you probably already have). This blog is good therapy. My daughter, who has lost 2 babies (early in pregnancy) has one and it was very helpful for her & her husband as they experienced their losses. Maybe it would have helped me 30 years ago. My heart goes out to you & Matt & Miya. Much love, Sherry R.


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