Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Matt and I watched the movie "Coco before Chanel" with Audrey Tatou. Matt is in love with her (not Chanel but Tatou). Watching it, I was inspired by Coco Chanel's determination. She grew up as an orphan and at one point was the equivalent to a call girl. Nevertheless, she created a fashion empire that is still so relevant today. In a time when women were wearing corsets and huge hats, she created the simple black dress. Now, every woman has a simple black dress in her closet.

After the movie, I read some articles about Miss Chanel. She never married, no children, died working at an old age. Reputable sources, such as the Smithsonian and London Times and more, revealed the fact that Coco Chanel was Nazi sympathizer. She was exiled from France for ten years due to her involvement with Nazis. The movie of course did not reveal that aspect of her life.

Anyway Coco, no more Chanel (well imitation) for me!

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