Thursday, December 16, 2010

Ha Ha

Matt and I have really needed to laugh lately. I normally love deeply depressing movies such as Sophie's Choice, The Pianist, and  Cinema Paradisio .  I actually wanted to see Shoah, a 9 hour documentary with real footage from Auschwitz showing in a movie theatre here in NY.  It would have taken 2 days because it is shown in 2 parts. I wonder if I would have had to pay twice. As much as I really want to see it  (seriously), it is probably not a good time.

After the death of our sweet baby Miles in the NICU 2 months ago, we have decided to watch as many funny movies as we can.

We enjoy watching The Office (American version), Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and even ICarly with our 4 year old daughter.

Last night, we watched Stepbrothers. What a ridiculous and funny movie! No real plot but amazing! I love it when the 40 year old brothers sleepwalk through the house.

I see that The Jerk with Steve Martin is on Instant Watch on Netflix. So the laughter needs to continue. The pain is still there and probably getting worse...but laughter makes it bearable.

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  1. Oh sweet Mama Maria, I hope you find many movies to make you laugh. And maybe a sad one every now and then to get some of the pain out. Vince Vaughn movies make me laugh, i love Martin Lawrence, Cedric the Entertainer, Adam Sandler, Jimmy Fallon and the irreverent Chelsey Handler.


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