Sunday, December 19, 2010

Jasmine The December Princess

Miya has a calendar in her room. It is a Disney Princess calendar with the princess of the month. In August, the princess was Cinderella. I told her that when we got to December, Jasmine, it would be time for Miles to be born. Unfortunately, Miles was born in October, Sleeping Beauty. He only survived till November, Snow White. It is hard to look now at Jasmine on the calendar. There was a lot of hope surrounding her.

We look forward with our calendars and make plans. Some times they go our way and other times obviously not. I wonder what the calendar will bring next year.


  1. Unfortunately, that is very normal, as I, 30 years later, still think of what my little girl or boy would have been. Not nearly as hard now as then, or even 5 years later (when potential child would have gone to kindergarten). God has given me so much with the 2 children I do have & now my grandchildren that I do have (& yet there are 2 that are missing). I hope this is helping you & not hurting you. You can also go on M & S's blog to see what they were going through 3 years ago at: (blogging for therapy):
    thou and thou see Oct. 17, 2007.

  2. How true. All the dreams, hopes, aspirations, anticipation, and planning we have around the birth of our child and all their firsts. It's so heartbreaking, and unfair that we missed and are missing out on all of that. I hope it gets better. I hope for the future. It's still scary for me to hope, but that is all that we have left. I guess it is one day at a time.


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